Belwood Facility Key-

an OPTIONAL element

One of the most popular questions we receive from members, especially new homeowners, is “do I need a key,” and “how do I get one.” Right after the, the question is why we charge money for an after-hours access key. After all, it doesn't cost much to duplicate a key. We review the key fee every year as we discuss the budget, and the key is value based, not cost based.

Your annual HOA dues provide the following basic benefits:

1. Class A members (i.e. anyone owning a home in Belwood who must pay the annual dues and is automatically a member) may use the pool, basketball court, bocce ball court, and BBQ/picnic area when lifeguards are on duty, currently between the hours of 1:00p and 7:00p during the Summer months.

2. Class A members may rent the facilities throughout the year for private parties.

3. Class A members may vote in elections and serve on the Board of Directors.

4. Even if you never visit the facility, its presence adds positively to the character and value of the neighborhood; your neighborhood.

With an after-hours key, members may access and use the bocce ball courts, BBQ, basketball courts and general grounds from 6:00 am to 10:00 pm year-round, including use of the pool during the Summer months. There is significant added value in this extra access. Because after-hours key users can be expected to make significantly more use of the facilities, the key fee in part covers the extra wear and tear on the facilities of that use. At present, approximately 1/3 of our members purchase after-hours access keys. Note that it is 100% optional. If you are happy using the facility during the lifeguarded hours, then you really don't need a key.

There are a few limitations with key ownership. You don’t have access to the cabana building, except for the bathrooms. Also, the facility key can only be used by the family purchasing it. You and two neighbors can’t each kick in $25 and split the key. Nor can you buy a key and then invite all of your non-key holding friends to join you at the club whenever you go. Violation of the rules will result in your key being revoked. I think everyone here wants to be a good neighbor, so this has seldom been a problem. Note that you also have the responsibility to lock up when you leave, and to make sure the gate is not left open for others to enter while you are there.

If a facility key is right for you, simply fill out the form ( download from the website), and pay the fee. Keys are distributed in April before we open the pool.  And if you purchase as key later in the season, It will take a few days to have one made and sent out to you after we receive payment.